Come and enjoy everything that music, nature, and art have to offer us. The festival takes place from the 17th until 19th of June on the magical Lepanina coastline, about 54 km from Pärnu city centre towards Estonian-Latvian border of Ikla.


The easiest way to get to Lepanina is to take an international flight to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, or Riga, the capital of Latvia. Lepanina is located only a few hours drive from the airports of both cities, which are connected by the high-speed Via Baltica (E67) road. Lepanina is located off the Via Baltica by the Romantic Coastal Road.

There are quite a few alternative routes to reach first to Pärnu and then to Lepanina.

Both, international, and domestic flights arrive at Pärnu Airport.

Helsinki-Pärnu route

NyxAir scheduled flights between Pärnu and Helsinki will take place twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays from 5th of May to 21st of August 2022. The flights will be operated by a 50-seater Saab 2000. The flight will last 40 minutes.

Stockholm-Pärnu route

SAS offers flights between Stockholm and Pärnu. The 70-seater plane will fly from June 25th to August 16. Flights take place every Tuesday and Saturday. The flight takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Safe travel

For a worry-free air trip, familiarize yourself in advance with the requirements for entering Estonia and passing through your transit countries. Arrive at the airport on time and keep documents and proofs available at check-in.

If you have any questions, discuss them with your airline. You can find more information about COVID-19 and traveling to Estonia on the Visit Estonia website, and about traveling abroad on the Travel Smart website.


Pärnu Airport is located only 6 km from the center of Pärnu in Tori municipality, Eametsa village. It is convenient to travel between the airport and the city center of Pärnu by bus or taxi. Of course, it is also possible to find transport through the Bolt application.

The airport bus stop is in front of the passenger terminal. Bus number 23 runs on the route Airport and Pärnu bus station. The bus schedule varies according to the flight schedule. 

When buying a bus ticket from a bus driver, it is 3 euros.

There are enough buses in the Tallinn-Pärnu and Riga-Pärnu directions to comfortably reach your travel destination at any time. Information and tickets within Estonia can be easily found in the T-ticket environment. Many buses are equipped with all amenities such as toilet, multimedia center, air conditioning.

The following bus lines run on the international Riga – Pärnu – Tallinn route:

Ecolines  |  Lux Express

While the larger cross-Baltic rail line is still very much a work in progress, you can conveniently take a train from Latvia and Russia. Estonian trains are spacious, comfortable, and clean, with free wi-fi offered by most local operators.

Estonia’s largest port is located in Tallinn, ships arrive from Helsinki almost every hour.

The ferry ride from Helsinki will take around 2-2.5 hours (with exception on one ferry, 4 hours). The trip from Stockholm to Tallinn is a 12-hour overnight ferry ride. The following ferry operators service the lines. Tallinn port is located a 15-minute walk from the city centre.

Tallink  |  Eckerö Line  |  Viking Line

More information about ferry lines and tickets is available via the link below: – here you can see all ferry ticket options, administrated by Estravel (Estonian travel agency)

Estonia is dotted with harbours and small marinas, often located in towns and little villages. By the shortest route from northern coast across the Gulf of Finland to Finland is just 25 nautical miles. The Yacht Club is waiting for those arriving with sailing ship in Pärnu.

A guide of small marinas


To get to Lepanina from the Central bus station, take a bus number 74, 74-1 or 76 to Lepanina bus stop just after Kabli village center. The ticket, when buying from a bus driver, is 1 euro. 

Or you can rent a car. The car gives you a convenient opportunity to discover places outside the city of Pärnu, including the Romantic Coastal Road, which is the trademark of the Pärnu Bay Partnership of the Leader action group.


Car rentals in Pärnu:

Rental car rental  |  Laverte Car Rental


First, and foremost you can discover our Romantic Coastline. It is a tourist area that travels along the 250 km long coastline from the Latvian-Estonian border crossing point to the port in Virtsu where you can take the next ferry to Saaremaa Island. The Coastline swings by Kihnu and Manija Islands, which both have their unique vibe, and even leads the wanderer to the mysterious inland with its deep forests and bogs. 

Check out 5 most romantic locations on the Romantic Coastline.


Discover Pärnu and the surrounding county by bike. There are over 70 kilometers of light traffic roads in Pärnu. Therefore, the bicycle can be considered one of the best ways of transport to discover Pärnu and the surrounding areas.

Some of the recommended routes are:

Pärnu- Ikla (58 km);

Pärnu- Soomaa (33 km);

Pärnu- Kihnu (44 km).


Pärnu’s beach is Estonia’s largest playground. Our surf clubs (AlohaSurf Center) offer excellent options for activities on the water.


If you love animals, then visiting Ranna Rantšo is a must. Ranna Rantšo is home to 14 different species of birds and animals, with a total of around 300. You can get acquainted with endangered breed horses and Estonian landrace cows. In addition, the farm is home to turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, mountain cattle, beef cattle, and many other animals. In Ranna Rantšo, you can hug and feed the animals, organise children’s birthdays and simply enjoy a lovely day. 


You can also go hiking. Of Estonia’s five national parks, two are partially located in Pärnu county (Matsalu and Soomaa). 

Soomaa National Park offers unforgettable experiences when the surrounding rivers flood the park. This is called Soomaa’s fifth season. The fifth season can happen multiple times a year or, on occasion, not at all. 

Matsalu National Park attracts visitors with its impressive number of bird species, which makes it one of the most diverse national parks in Europe. 

Two of the closest hiking trails to Lepanina Hotel are Tolkuse and Nigula.

In addition to hiking, river canoeing, and kayaking trips are a great way to spend time in nature. Soomaa’s fifth season offers fascinating opportunities for this. Another unique experience is bog walking with snowshoes. Snowshoes are special footwear designed to hike on thick snow, but can be modified for swampy ground. For these hikes we recommend our excellent guides.


If you love wine, then visiting one of our local wineries is a must. You can reach Allikukivi Veinimõis from Lepanina in about 40 minutes by car. Allikukivi Veinimõis is a family business that puts great importance on sustainable management and a lifestyle close to nature. And, of course they are eager to greet their guests from Wednesday to Sunday 12-20 to hear the impressions their wine gives.


If you want to experience something really different, that at the same time doesn´t break the bank, you can make your own souvenir at Thorman´s smithy. Thorman’s smithy offers an opportunity to come and see a blacksmith at work.

The blacksmith has 20 years of experience, and he will kindly share his knowledge and skills! You can forge a simple clothes hook, a tiny knife, or a lucky horseshoe with the help of an instructor and according to your skill level. The guests can pick the item they want to make. The price for workshops is agreed with the smithy; it depends on the size of the group and the item – for example, forging a nail costs 2 euros and the workshop lasts about 1 hour.


If you are into fishing, then Fishing Village is a unique recreation and leisure center in Pärnu, on the banks of the Sauga River. Their activities are provision of port services, rowing, and motorboat rental. Fishing equipment and lures can be purchased at the Bait Shop. They also offer a fish guide service with equipment, as well as, nature lovers and romantics will be taken on pleasure trips by the historic ship Johanna.


If you have more exploring time in hands, you can also visit Estonian 7th biggest island of Kihnu. Kihnu is home to the unique traditional Kihnu culture, which has been living on the islands along Pärnu`s coast for more than 600 years. The Kihnu Cultural Space, which was added to the UNESCO Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity List in 2003, is of interest to all visitors who are interested in cultural heritage, unique nature, and friendly people.


And of course- for the lovers of the speed- you can visit our only racing circuit in Estonia- Porche Ring. Porsche Ring is the only closed circuit in Estonia meant for racing cars and motorcycles.

It is possible to race on four tracks with different lengths and shapes. The longest of them is 3.2 kilometres.

Additionally, the complex includes a rally cross-track and an off-road track.
Today, Porsche Ring is the most modern racing complex in North Europe, and it has been issued an FIA Grade 4 licence.

It is possible to drive on the circuit with your own car, a motorcycle, or rent a car from them.


Lepanina Hotel, of course. It is a place where the festival takes place, so you have all the goodies at hand. Hotel itself is lapped by the sea, bathed in the glow of sunsets, surrounded by pine forest, and boasting unique architecture. Lepanina Hotel is sure to make your holiday a memorable one. The hotel is open from May to September.

Metsaluige Turismitalu is located next to Lepanina Hotel, making it the next go-to place for accommodation, when it comes to looking where to stay during the festival. The place offers character, freedom, joy, and time – to be at present in the moment of now with those whom you have made connections in your heart.

Metsaluige Turismitalu is located on the edge of a pine forest, a few hundred meters from the sandy beach. They offer accommodation in holiday homes and camping houses with a terrace. You can enjoy a pleasant taste and a refreshing drink in the cozy on-site restaurant-cafe.

3rd closest place to stay during the festival is Mini Camping. It is a place where everyone can find oneself a pleasant way to relax. It has the best price to quality ratio around.

Not very far, on the shores of the sea, where once stood the legendary Vzmorye Holiday Centre, you will have the sunniest holiday you´ve ever had in Estonia- in Kosmonautika Holiday Centre! A renowned vacation destination for long-serving cosmonauts and scientists, it was chosen as the spot revealed to be the sunniest on the western coast of the USSR.

Set in Häädemeeste, 34 km from Pärnu is a Goodwin Guest House. Perfect for travellers who would like to stay close to all amenities that a small borough of Häädemeeste has to offer. There is a garden with a barbecue at this property and guests can go hiking and cycling nearby.

Tuisuliiva Holiday Home offers accommodation in Kabli and is just a stone´s throw from a sandy beach. Idyllic sunsets, the sea breeze, fun in the sun, surfing, a summer cultural programme at the Kabli beach cafe and more await you there.

Uue-Jaani Talu Holiday House, is located in a beautiful place by the Latvian border and is well suited for spending a holiday or an anniversary. The complex has a beautiful small lake where you can swim, fish and go boating. It is also possible to go hiking in the forest and go on an adventure in the vicinity with a guide. With advance notice, you can visit the museum and book a tour of the farm.

Treimani Holiday House– A few kilometers before Latvia, on the Romantic Promenade, a small yellow house is waiting by the sea.

The house has two floors, suitable for one or two families or a larger group of friends.

The uniqueness of the place is due to the nature of the old lovely and unspoilt coastal village. Everything is at hand and on foot- the sea here, the shop there, the cafe in the background. Enchanting beach pines and willow bushes take care of a pleasant stay alone. Here you can enjoy solitude, relax with family, or come with nine friends- just the way you want.

Kabli Bakery Camping– The two summer houses of the Bakery Camping are connected to each other, there are 8 beds in total. Both houses have a 140 cm wide bed and a double bunk bed. Only 100 m to the sea… and hot pastries with a morning coffee into a bed (upon reservation of course).

Kollamaa Holiday Home was renovated from an old barn, and is located in a picturesque seaside village. UFOs have been spotted at the nearby Häädemeeste coastal meadows and river mouth. The farm has friendly horses and there is a special area for kids in the yard.

The festival is supported by European Regional Development Fund with 58519,32 euro